Wood Type for Ideal Garage Doors

Jun 17th
Menards Garage Doors 16x7`
Menards Garage Doors 16×7

Ideal Garage Doors – New garage doors can be built with a number of elements. But, one of the most natural and varied is wood. Wood allows you to customize the look, stain, color, and style of the door. So, aluminum or other material does not. In addition, wood is an excellent insulator on its own. That means a wooden door can be more solid and efficient. When it comes to wooden garage doors, there are some types of wood that are preferable for this use.

Plywood is popular and an ideal garage door material because it is very cost effective. No matter the size of the door. Plywood is versatile enough to create different sizes and styles of doors. Although lightweight, plywood is strong enough to be used as an outer skin on a frame. That creates a durable door that costs less than a solid door from other woods. Since the plywood is fixed in the panels to an interior skeleton, the panels can be in the form of various sizes and thicknesses and installed in such a way that the door has a low or high aspect.

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Douglas fir is a popular type of softwood is typically used as the skeletal material for garage doors, but it can also produce a great appearance when used for exterior panels. Fir serves a combination of strength and attractiveness. That makes it perfect for garage doors. When used as framing material, the stiffness and density of the fir means that it does not twist or buckle over time, which would be disastrous for panels fixed to a frame.

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