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Dec 13th
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While TV stands and TV carts offer the convenience of keeping the TV at a comfortable height, the stand can be a nail in the eye or does not fit the decorating system. In some cases, the stand fills with clutter. Options to hide it include draping it with a large scarf or setting up a decorative focal point. An ornamental screening effect offers a clean, deliberate design choice to enhance the room.


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Measure the width of the TV stands you want to hide. Extend tape measure from one end of the TV stand to the other. Lock the measuring tape and place it on the floor. For example, screen an area with an extra foot on each side of the TV stand so that it disappears from several starting points. Extend tape measure two feet and center it in front of the TV bench. Stand back and visualize how much more coverage a screen provides. Select the length and do some of the measurement.

Measure the height of the TV bench if you want to leave the TV exposed. Extend tape measure from the top surface of the TV stand to the floor. Buy a folding room screen, also called a room divider. To hide only the TV stand and not the TV, choose a desk folding screen, short folding screen or fireplace screen at the desired height. Add one foot to the combined width of the screens; they must be easily folded to stand firmly. For example, for 7 feet of screening, buy at least 8 feet of screen. Choose a material, color or wood finish that goes with the room furniture.

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