Tablecloth Ideas for White Round Table

Jun 9th
White Round Table Set Design
White Round Table Set Design

White round table encourages conversation, camaraderie and romance. The little ones earn their living as small tables and accents throughout the house. But round tables can be difficult to fit when you want to dress them; the selection of standard round tablecloths is quite limited. Standard sizes vary from 70 inches to 120 inches in diameter, so you must decide how much fabric you want to stick out from the edge of the table.

Instead of the round tablecloth of waiting at a round table, try a square. If the table has legs instead of a pedestal, align the corners of the fabric with the legs of the table. You can have the same drop as you would with a round tablecloth, and for formal adjustments. You can still hide the legs of the table, without interfering with the legs of the diners. A 90-inch square is a perfect fit for a 60-inch table. To adjust the curtain at the corners, tie the ribbon or rope around each leg of the table and the corner protruding from the fabric; lift and pouf the overhang over the loop to achieve the desired look.

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Choose fabrics of different sizes. Use a round cloth on the bottom, with a smaller round or a square on top. Or place a square cloth diagonally on top of another. If you have a lace cloth, put it out the best way (and add protection to your table) by draping it over a solid colored cloth.

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