Special Closet Bypass Barn Door Hardware

Mar 22nd
Sliding Bypass Wardrobe Doors
Sliding Bypass Wardrobe Doors

Closet bypass barn door hardware are mounted on rails on top of the door frame. Instead of opening to the outside, these style doors slide sideways. The advantage of this design is that the door does not occupy any space inside the room itself. Even when it is fully open. The most complex design with most of the door not being visible when opened does not create problems of a normal hinged door not experiencing. Frequent breaks usually occurs due to consistent problems.

Any object on the floor can potentially cause the door to jam if it is put in the path of the bypass doors. Shoes are one of the most common objects when they are simply thrown in the closet instead of being kept. Floor items may not necessarily be immediately obvious. Since these objects could partially block the doorway or be knocked out of the road with repeated opening and closing.

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If the door seems to work well, but suddenly stops before it opens fully. It is likely that something on the floor is the problem. Some of the bypass closet doors are very close to any type of clothes that hang inside. It is not uncommon for the door to always be in contact with the clothes inside the closet. The sliding movement can potentially cause the door to get caught in shirt sleeves or other pieces hanging from clothing.

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