Problems with the Transparent Glass Shower Door

Jul 16th
Semi-Frameless Shower Door
Semi-Frameless Shower Door

Transparent glass shower door, unlike smoked or opaque doors. It is commonly used to take a clean and antiseptic look for modern or contemporary bathroom decor. While these doors do not fulfill their primary function of keeping water out of the bathroom floor. Several potential problems associated with glass shower doors.

Clear glass shower doors display stripes way more visible than smoked glass. Which is a problem if you are looking for the polished and meticulous look that clear glass shower doors convey. You can overcome this problem by using a squeegee on your doors. Or by hand drying them with a microfiber cloth every time you take a shower.

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Transparent glass shower doors show hard water marks more than smoked glass doors or bathroom curtains. Hard water is water that contains a lot of minerals. When the water evaporates in your shower, it leaves mineral deposits on the walls of the shower, shower floor, and clear glass bath screens. This can be avoided by installing a water softener in your home or by cleaning the doors every time you use the shower. Shower curtains and doors serve two main purposes: to keep water dripping on the bathroom floor and to provide privacy for the bather. While transparent glass doors serve the most necessary purpose of keeping water in the ground, as they do to avoid leaks, do not hide the bather.

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