Outdoor Led Flood Lights for Garden

Mar 25th
Awesome Outdoor Led Lights
Awesome Outdoor Led Lights

Outdoor led flood lights – When it comes to outdoor gardening, the lighting system you choose can make or break growing successes of your plants. Growth lights mimic the sun and provide plants with a lot of what they need to be healthy. LED grow lights are one of the most popular types of growth lights and many gardeners prefer them over sodium or high pressure metal halide systems. One of the reasons is that LED lights do not produce much heat and therefore will not burn plants. Before installing the light system of an LED grows, you should know how to use them correctly.

Hang the LED lighting system directly above your floors. How to hang the system depends on what you have. Some come with mounting devices and ballasts, while others allow you to make the decision on how to place them. The distance between the plants and the light depends on the lighting system of the purchase. Some systems allow you to place the lights as close to the plants as possible without touching them, while others recommend 3 or 4 feet between the lights and the crop.

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Run the LED lighting system 24 hours a day, if your plants do not require periods of darkness, or time away from light. Check a gardening or garden center book to get information about the needs of your plants if you are not sure. If your plants need dark periods, provide total darkness for one to eight hours in a 24-hour period.

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