Outdoor Led Flood Light Fixtures VS CFL

Jul 20th
Outdoor Light Bulbs That Don't Attract Bugs
Outdoor Light Bulbs That Don’t Attract Bugs

Outdoor Led Flood Light Fixtures – Both LED lights and compact fluorescents (CFL) have been considered as substitutes for the traditional light bulb. And meanwhile they are more efficient than incandescent energy bulbs, but also each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

LED lights may cost more at the outset than compact fluorescent lights. But, according to a study conducted by the Eartheasy environmental website, this cost is more than offset during the life of the bulb. According to his study, it would cost $ 95.95 to run a 50,000-hour LED light. While it would cost $ 159.75 to run a CFL light in the same period. And it would go through about five light bulbs in the process. By way of comparison, it would cost $ 652.50 to run traditional incandescent bulbs for the same period of time. And it would burn through more than 40 light bulbs.

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While compact fluorescent lights are more environmentally friendly than incandescent bulbs because they last longer, they also come with their own environmental concerns. CFL lights contain mercury, a toxic metal that can pose a health risk. LED lights do not contain toxic chemicals or metals. Studies conducted by the US Department of Energy and scientists at Carnegie Mellon found that both LED lights are so efficient to make compact fluorescent lights at this time, but they also believe that LEDs will be even more efficient in the future.

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