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Make Long Lines of Living Room Storage Interior

Living room storage – Where do you place the furniture in the living room, which colors work best, and how do you create the best storage space when designing your living room? Storage is necessary – and therefore you can just as well make it look delicious. You can either choose the closed version or the open one, but if the bookcase is open, you need to keep track of your things with eg boxes or baskets for the loose items.

Living Room Shelves

Living Room Shelves

You can either pack the bookcase with books or let it be a “wallpaper” in the living room – or you can leave individual shelves free or with less decorative objects and thus make the bookcase less compact and light and airy. It’s a matter of taste. Don’t be afraid of a large rack – for example, let it surround the entire window section or fill a whole wall.

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If you hang up smaller shelves and leave the floor under the suspended rack free, you get a more light and expressive, and the room is felt larger. When you leave cabinets and other storage in your home create long paths, you create more mental space. Of course, it depends on your storage needs, how much storage space you need, but always place cabinet doors at the bottom and preferably on the left – let open shelves be at the top and right. It gives a good weight.

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