Ideas Instructions Garden Treasures Patio Heater

Dec 23rd
Modern Garden Treasures Patio Heater
Modern Garden Treasures Patio Heater

Garden treasures patio heater – Designed to generate heat in outdoor environments. Patio heaters are equipped with burners on top of a pole. These burners burn propane and produce flames that are directed towards a heat burner screen. The heat burner screen emits heat and the reflector above the burner reflects the heat around the outdoor area where the patio heater is located. If you enjoy relaxing or having a meeting on the outdoor porch during the cold season. Patio heaters are ideal for those occasions.

Connect cylinder parts to form the base of the patio heater. Join the two pieces of the cylinder cover. Ensuring that they align with the holes in the base of the pole. Screw the cylinder cover parts and the pole base freely together with seven large screws, using screwdriver.

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Place the center rear support bracket over the center screw and the hex nut loosely over the screw with a 7/16 inch wrench. Join parts of the central rear support bracket cover. Then, screw the parts and support gently together with a large screw and three small screws, using a screwdriver. The central rear support bracket has six holes of different sizes. And then, connect the two side support brackets. Screw a hex nut and a large screw loosely into the top and base of each side bracket, using a 7/16 inch wrench and a Phillips screwdriver.

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