Ideas for Making Marble Coffee Table

Sep 1st
Square Marble Coffee Table
Square Marble Coffee Table

Marble coffee table is as strong and durable as granite countertops are often used to create. It is a strong stone that, when polished, gives character to any decor and is easy to clean. Coffee tables made with granite often sell for hundreds of dollars, but you can save money by searching stockpiles for scrap granite or some square foot tiles left from big jobs, and create your own.


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Place your 15-inch oak boards horizontally and parallel to each other so that their outer edges are 23 inches apart. Marble coffee table two holes in each end of the 22-inch discs to a depth of 1/4-inch, placed one inch from the ends. Screw each 22-inch board perpendicular to a 15-inch board center, or 7.5 inches from the end. Leave half inches on both edges of the 22-inch discs. Repeat this process with the latest 22-inch board and the other 15-inch discs. Set both sets of 15-inch discs upright so that 22-inch discs are between them, parallel and 22 inches apart.

Counter sink two holes in each end of 23-inch discs as you did for 22-inch discs. Screw the 23-inch discs into 22-inch discs so you have a square 23-inch by-23 inch formed by 1/2 inch oak boards, held together by the 15-inch discs. The 15-inch discs are your table legs. Counters sink 1/4-inch deep holes for all of the following screws. Screw all your 2-by-23-inch oak boards into 23-inch plywood pages. The 23 inch marble coffee table should be parallel to the plywood, and the 1/2 inch above the top edge of the plywood. The ends of the oak board should be flush with the edges of the plywood.

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