Ideas for Make Patio Umbrella Stand

Oct 15th
Patio Umbrella Stand Ideas
Patio Umbrella Stand Ideas

Patio umbrella stand are necessary to support outdoor umbrellas during the summer. The umbrella post has to fall into a support that is strong enough that the umbrella does not tip over in typical weather conditions. Many umbrellas are used on patio tables. This means that the support has to fit under the patio table. One way to create this type of support is by using a wide planter crucible.

Ideas for make patio umbrella stand, measurement of the circumference of your umbrella position. Select PVC tube wide enough for the umbrella stand to slide towards. Many umbrellas can be connected to a 2-inch pipe. Select a broad planter pot that can fit under your patio table legs. Then apply the PVC glue to the inner stem of a PVC flange. Apply the PVC glue on the outside of a coupling. Press the coupling on the flange. Apply construction adhesive to the bottom of the flange. Insert the flange into the planter crucible so that the flange is centered.

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Measure the top of the flange to the edge of the planter crucible. Cut PVC pipe two inches shorter than the measurement, using a hacksaw. Apply the PVC glue on the inside of one end of the pipe. Apply the PVC glue to the outside of the coupling inside the pot. Press the tube on the coupling. Allow the queues to eight hours to dry.

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