Ideas for Build Half Round Table

Jun 17th
Wood Half Round Table
Wood Half Round Table

Half round table are easy to make and an easy way to dress up a small table and give it a presence in a room. Often round tables are cheap bistro-type tables that can be a bit thin. A table top is also used over the top of a second cloth. Usually the second cloth is longer and in a neutral color. Tops are easy to throw in the laundry after meals while the cloth underneath continues to look good.


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Measure over the center of the half round table. Decide how much of a drop you want from the edge of the table to the edge of the tops. Often it is 12 to 16 inches. Add the first measurement to double drop measurement plus one inch for them. Remove the seam edge from the pre-washed fabric. City edge is the material at the sides of commercially made fabric. The seam often has pattern numbers or letters and can be half to one inch wide. Cut the fabric to your calculated dimensions. Both length and width are of the same size.

Place the fabric face up on the table. Fold the fabric horizontally so that the fold is now at the top. The fabric will have its face straight at this point. Fold the fabric vertically. The upper corner with double folds is in the middle of the fabric. Place a safety pin in the corner. Tie your fabric pen to the maximum distance where the tip can touch the fabric with the pen straight up and down. Draw a curve along the back of the fabric. Cut the fabric along this curve with a scissors.

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