Ideas Barn Door Designs

Sep 11th
Smart Barn Door Designs Interior
Smart Barn Door Designs Interior

Barn door designs style is simple but strong design. If you like the look of a barn door, rustic style, functional, builds one you. Use reclaimed wood from an old barn or wood that matches the aesthetics of your home. A barn style door will give you a small building or home a warm, quaint entrance. Measure the length and width of the door. Subtract ¼ inch from the width and ½ inch from the length to allow the door to open properly. Cut the wooden plank 1 by 6 into two pieces that measure the width of the door. These will be the top and bottom of the door.

Place the two cut pieces of wood on the floor, spaced to fit the size of the door. Measure the distance between the upper and lower plates. Use this length to cut the three tables 1-to-12 to fit between the top and bottom pieces.

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Place the cut of 1 by 12 boards from side to side between the top and bottom of 1 by 6s. If the 1 by 12 are wider than the top and bottom pieces, you need to reduce the width of each equally 1 by 12. Divide the 1 by 4 into three pieces to form the diagonal joint of the frame that will go inside the door.

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