How to Start a Gas Patio Heater

Oct 8th
Shinerich Industrial Patio Heater Parts
Shinerich Industrial Patio Heater Parts

Gas Patio Heater – Starting your own gas heater is a relatively easy process. That can save you a lot of money and personal hassles. Furthermore, there are many reasons that cause gas heaters to be disconnected, including time and power outages. Ironically, it is usually in the middle of the night that the oven stops working, leaving the house cold and uncomfortable. During the hours you will have to pay double the rates of having a heater technician come out and restart the gas heater. Once you have the steps to start a gas heater that will no longer be a problem.

Check the gas goes on at your home. And then, check the gas meter on the outside of your house. Look in the window of the peephole in the meter. So, you can see a silver ball if the gas is in a window or red if it is not. Check that power is applied to the gas heater. If your gas heater suddenly stopped working from a power outage, check the circuit breaker box.

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Open the access panel on the front of the heater. Using a screwdriver remove the screws that hold the front panel in place. Once the panel is removed reset the red switches located inside it. Find and turn on the gas pilot. To light, a larger furnace, find the gas valve and turn it to pilot and depress. Light a long match and place it near the pilot. Press and hold the gas switch for 30 seconds to ensure the oven stays on. Turn the gas valve to the on position.

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