How to Making Corner TV Stands

Jul 22nd
Comely Crosley Corner Tv Stand

When you get a new TV, especially a larger TV, you need a place to express what suits your home. They are often too big or too small for your purposes. The corner of a room is normally a good place for a large TV. The location of the corner TV stands allows people to see it from anywhere in the room, and it is also out of the way, maximizing your hiking space. If you want a corner that is adapted to your home, you can do one yourself


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Measure the width of your TV. This should be done over the front and center, as some monitors may be larger in the middle. You may want to leave an inch or so on each side of the TV. Then divide it by two, and the number square root of this number. Round up to the nearest integer. This number will be the length of the sides of your corner TV bench. Measure from a corner of your plywood pieces out to the distance you in step 2. Do this in both directions from the corner, and mark the two locations.

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Draw a line connecting the two markings using a straight cut along that line with the saw. Repeat steps 2 through 4 on another piece of plywood. These two equally sized pieces will be the base and top of your TV bench. Decide how high you want your TV to be. The ideal height for a TV is normally two meters away from the ground, but it is your stand so you can customize it to fit. Mark and cut three 1-inches x 6-inch discs with measurement in step 6. These will be the legs of your booth.

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