How to Install Price Pfister Kitchen Faucets

May 2nd
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Pfister Kitchen Faucets – Price Pfister makes elegant kitchen faucets in many different styles. The installation of a kitchen faucet is always a little laborious. However, removing the old faucet from the kitchen sink is the hardest part of the installation. Once you have removed the old faucet, it is simply a matter of connecting all the pieces of the Pfister faucet.

Find your water pass keys. Close the water to the house. Disconnect the drain line and P-trap from the old key. Have a large bowl or bucket on hand for excess water to drain on. Remove the faucet from the top of the kitchen sink. Use a sink wrench to unscrew the nuts from the old wrench. These are located in the bottom of the sink. Remove the tap. Clean the sink around the tap holes with a damp cloth. There will probably be old putty and dirt in the sink. Clean any dirt or putty in the area. Make sure the sink is dry before installing the new faucet.

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Place the cover plate over the 1 ¼ inch hole in the sink. Tighten the nuts with an adjustable wrench. Pass the faucet through the hole in the cover plate. The faucet drop in place on the top of the cover plate. Squeeze the faucet down into the sink. The hardware for this must be included with the tap. Connect the tap to the water lines below the sink.

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