How to Install Frosted Glass Door

Apr 29th
Simple Frosted Glass Door
Simple Frosted Glass Door

Frosted glass door actually sandblast their glass structures, but there is a simpler, inexpensive, safer way to get the same results. Etching with either an etching cream or liquid gives the same result in just a few minutes. The result is permanent, so it is wise to practice the technique on a smaller piece of glass before on a door. Using etching cream on drinking glasses and glass plates is drink and food safe.


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Clean and dry the side of the glass to be etched. Cover the wooden frame of the door with masking tape where the glass meets wood. Etching cream is permanent and acidic, and it will damage the wood if it comes into contact with it. Place the template on the frosted glass door where you want it to go. If making a repetitive design, make sure you have a template for each place you are going to etch, as you will only use a template once.

If you have a large construction, center on the glass. Begin peeling away the protective paper from the sticker on the template when you are sure of your design placement. Begin in one corner, leveling the template on the glass with your hand as you walk. Press the template fully into place with your fingertips when the entire surface is removed. Squeeze out any air pockets with your fingers. Use a paper towel or cloth to wipe off any residue that may seep up from underneath vinyl.

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