Good Barn Door Latch in Various Style

Jun 8th
Stainless Steel Lock
Stainless Steel Lock

Barn door latch – Doors and walls share a common goal – creating a barrier. They differ on one point, walls are permanent while doors are not. Lack of permanence can create some usually solved problems with latches, door handles and locks. Backyard doors and doors are usually shed kept closed with locks. To keep a door closed, you may be able to lock door closed without running to hardware store.

If you have either a hook and eye hook lock or two lock hooks and an S-hook on hand, you have everything you need for a basic lock. Install two eye hooks, or base of locking hook, at other, one on door frame and other on door.  A sliding lock is a very common design, suitable for deadbolt locks. They are usually made from metal, although wooden ones do exist. Sliding latches work best on revolving doors and work in a direction different from that of door.

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There is a metal or wooden buckle on door a locking mechanism that slides in its loop position also on door. You can make one from wood by making three identical C-shaped wooden blocks and a slide lock that fits across hollow portion of C with a handle about two-thirds of way down. Attach a loop on door frame and a door in closed position. Slide latch between them.

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