Easily Installs Barn Door Rollers

May 7th
Sliding Wood Door Rollers
Sliding Wood Door Rollers

Barn door rollers – Very trendy, industrial-style barn-rail door slips into our interiors. Offered in large-area hardware, it is now within reach of all and installs easily, provided you have a minimum of fingering. Position rail on wall. Using level, make sure rail is straight, then align first hole with mark marked in step 2. Then make a mark in other holes in rail. Drill a hole at location of each of markings drawn using a drill with a drill bit of same diameter as anchor pins.

Insert anchors into each drilled hole. Gently push each of them with a hammer, without crushing them. Place five spacers (spacers) opposite holes. Secure rail with appropriate screws and bolts, using a wrench. Indicate on door, using a tape measure and a pencil, location of first hole that will be used to fix caster system. Mark should be 1-1 / 3 in. (3.8 cm) from top edge of door.

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Place caster system on door and mark location of second hole with pencil. Using a drill with a drill bit same diameter as screws. Then drill marked marks making sure that holes pass through door. Place door stopper on rail where door will be in open position to prevent door from going too far when closing and opening.

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