Building Mid Century Modern TV Stands

Jul 3rd
TV Stand Designs Wooden
TV Stand Designs Wooden

If the budget is tight when deciding which projection TV to buy. Consider building your own projection mid century modern TV stands to alleviate stress on the wallet. Do-it-yourself consumers are at the top of their games by performing projects such as TV stands. Not only does it save money, but you also have to decide what type of wood goes into the booth. This also means the type of finish on the stand is your choice

You need:

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Place the 74-inch (top shelf) piece and one of the 70 1/2-inch (middle shelf) pieces on a work table. Mark the middle of each on one long side and place the edges against each other, align the marks. The top modern TV stands is 3 1/2 inches longer than the middle shelf, so 1 3/4 inches of it goes beyond each end of the middle shelf. Insert angle hook on marks and draw lines in both parts. Drill three guide holes between the rows with 1/16-inch drill. Drill a whole 1-inch from the front and rear, respectively, and one in the middle.

Turn the middle modern TV stands over and place the remaining 70 1/2 inch (bottom shelf) on the worktop. Slide the two together as long as the edges touch and the ends still. Measure from the left end and make markings of 18 and 18 3/4 inches. Repeat this from the right side. Put the angle hook on the marks and draw lines in both shelves. Drill holes as before. Measure from a 10-inch edge (become top) and make markings of 9 and 9 3/4 inches. Set the angle hook on the marks and draw lines across the sides. Drill holes as before.

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