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Build the Concrete Garden Benches

Concrete Garden Benches – To make concrete benches you need to create ways to pour the concrete. These shapes can be made of 2 x 4 plywood, polystyrene foam or plastic. The simplest form can be made from a five-gallon bucket. Just cut the bottom and fill it with concrete. All forms are constructed in the form of the desired part. They are filled with concrete and then removed once the concrete dries.

Modern Concrete Bench

Modern Concrete Bench

A simple way to make a cement bank is to use the five-gallon bucket form by two legs of the base. Set these legs side by side and then drill holes in the top with a masonry drill. Bolt 2 x 4 to these drilled holes using concrete anchor bolts to form a simple concrete bench seat. This type of concrete bench must be mounted in place as it will be difficult to move. The advantage is that it costs very little and is very strong.

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Making advanced concrete benches requires more time and patience to create the right molds. A simple concrete bench can be molded from a sheet of plywood with 2 x 6 boards for the sides. It will look like a large and shallow box. All you need to do is fill with concrete and then pull the sidewalk when it dries. If you want to make legs with different shapes you can experiment with building materials like Styrofoam mold, plastic, and wood. Veneers can be cut and constructed in almost any way. The mold can be adjusted on its side and filled with concrete, just like the bench mold.

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