Best Design Glass Door Cabinet

Apr 14th
White Kitchen Wall Cabinets Glass Dor
White Kitchen Wall Cabinets Glass Dor

Glass door cabinet – One way to do this is to make the glass cabinet doors. It is recommended that you have a good amount of knowledge to work the wood since you must use a table saw to create doors of the glass cupboards. The door we are going to build here is an 18-inch wall cabinet with a door opening, 14 by 26 inches. Just repeat the steps for all the doors of the desired closets.

Place all 1 by 3 material on a table. Set the fence of the table saw to 2 inches and tear the four pieces of this width. The purpose of the ripping of the wood is to be sure that all the parts of the frame are of the same width. Adjust the saw guide to 5/16-inch and adjust the ½ inch height. Set the material 1 by 2 inches on its edge and make a pass on the sheet with each piece. It may be necessary to make a second pass with the fence assembly in 3/8 inches depending on the thickness of the glass. This will produce a slot that will receive the window glass.

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Measure 1 inch down the edge of one end of the 27-inch pieces and drill a pilot hole through the width of it. Repeat this step on the other end of this piece and the other 27-inch piece. Apply a little glue on the ends of one of the 15-inch pieces. Then, place it between the two 27-inch pieces. And also insert an 8d penny nail into the pilot holes. Align the grooves and drive the nail into the surface of the wood. Do not countersink the nail at this time.


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