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June 17, 2019 Living Room

Amazing Living Room Design

Living room design – Living rooms are the conversation and the formal entertainment venue of a house. Too often, however, this room is reduced to a dysfunctional, uncomfortable room in which few in the family truly spend their time. A living room can always make design plans especially difficult, but there are ways of thinking outside the box regarding the arrangement of furniture, color options and accessories that will save this space.

If you want to combat the look of the hallway furniture that lines the walls of the living room, then it’s time to get brave and move those two-seater sofas and sofas out of the walls. Plan to create two conversation zones in your long room instead of just one. If you have a fireplace cabinet or television, one of them can become the focal point of that area. Do not limit your placement to focus on a large closet or fireplace, however, because this could trap you in placing the furniture along the walls, creating that dreaded hall effect.

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Start with functional accessories, and place them to maximize both benefit and beauty. Lamps will provide work lighting, especially in the smallest conversation or reading-corner areas you have created. Small tables will anchor the sofas and a floating sofa table can hide the back of your floating sofa. Adorned with plants, books and curiosities, the sofa table adds interest from a sitting position or point of view. Rugs like runners can guide traffic patterns through the living room from the front door to, or to other rooms.

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